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Dental CareKeeping your smile looking and feeling great is not especially difficult, but does require a certain amount of diligence and maintenance.  Establishing proper dental care is not only important for the state of your grin, but it can also improve your body’s overall health too.  Here are a few no-nonsense tips for maintaining optimal oral health:

1.  Brush your teeth after every meal – Although most people brush their teeth both in the morning and before bedtime, very few brush their teeth after they’ve actually eaten something.  This leads to an all-day buffet on your teeth’s enamel by harmful bacteria.  Carrying a small toothbrush and travel-sized toothpaste in your backpack, lunch kit or purse can help improve the health of your teeth.

2.  Use an electric toothbrushElectric toothbrushes are essential to maintaining proper dental care for they enable you to give your teeth a deep cleaning, while effectively removing stains, plaque buildup and reducing gum disease.  Even those with limited manual dexterity can manipulate an electric toothbrush easily and clean their teeth and gums better than brushing with a traditional toothbrush.

3.  Floss regularly – Next to brushing, flossing is the single most important thing you can do to ensure a healthy mouth.  Flossing removes the bacteria and food particles that your toothbrush may have missed.  As a matter of fact, the American Dental Association recommends that you floss at least once per day for proper oral health.

4.  Visit your dentist regularly – Even with proper daily care, your dentist is still an integral part of your oral health routine.  Dentists can help identify potential problems and intervene with treatment before they get worse.  It is essential that you visit the dentist at least once per year for optimal dental care.

5.  Eat a balanced diet – Consistently eating a diet from each of the four basic food groups will build a strong body system for growth, repair, maintenance and defense.  Sugary snacks and colas will only feed the harmful bacteria in your mouth and further damage your teeth and gums.  If you do partake in any sugary foods or drinks, it is essential that you brush your teeth soon after to reduce their detrimental effect.

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  1. Yes its more important to maintain regular brushing and taking other dental care to gain fresh smile and look.

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