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Travel Tips for MenTraveling is something most people love to do, but packing for the trip is something no one likes to do.  Here are some simple travel tips for men to keep in mind when the next opportunity to travel presents itself:

1.  Everyone wants to carry their luggage on the airplane these days to avoid the lengthy bag-check line and costly fees. This can be done, even if you are taking toiletries and other TSA regulated items, such as toothpaste and hairspray, in your carry-on luggage.  In order to create your own travel-size toothpaste for a fraction of the price, I recommend purchasing a Toothpaste 2 Go transfer adapter.

2.  Pack all liquids in travel-size containers and put them in a clear, seal-able bag. Make sure you store this bag inside another toiletry bag just in case something leaks, so that your other possessions aren’t accidentally ruined. If you are having difficulty finding travel-size hairspray, then I recommend not taking it at all and purchasing a cheap brand once you get to your destination. All of your other essentials are easy to find under the 3-ounce limit.

3.  Shoes and coats are some of the largest space wasters to pack for a trip. To ensure you have plenty of room for your belongings in the carry-on luggage, wear the same shoes and coat on the airplane that you will wear at your destination. Also, make sure you choose a versatile pair of shoes and jacket, so that you do not waste space taking one jacket and one pair of shoes that only go with one outfit.

4.  Roll your t-shirts, pants and dress shirts, instead of folding them flat in your carry-on bag.  This will give you maximum packing space as well as minimize the wrinkling of your clothes.

5.  Check with your hotel and find out which items will be provided there at your destination.  There’s no need to pack a blow dryer, clothes iron, shampoo, conditioner or soap if these items will be waiting for you at the hotel.  You can also eliminate the need for packing shaving cream by carrying a large shaving brush with you and use it to work up a lather from the hotel’s soap in lieu of shaving cream.

Keep these packing tips in mind the next time you travel, and you will be able to check in without waiting in that exasperating line as well as save your hard-earned money from those baggage fees. Once you get to your destination, that money can be spent on a few relaxing cocktails instead!

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  1. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    I love the tip about wearing versatile so that you have more room

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